At Soul Fitness, we understand that when you go for it in your approach to health and fitness, you want to make your time and efforts really count. You are putting forth that incredible commitment and that dedication is our motivation for partnering with RAW to provide curated fitness classes for women.

These amazing classes are designed with the female form, metabolism, and psyche in mind. As women, we tend to take an integrated approach that includes not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind and spirit. We believe in integrating multiple methods to help you attain the body and overall health that you desire.

Topics covered in class include details around metabolism, motivation, weight loss, nutrition, strength training, and body sculpting. You will experience improvement in all these areas and more.

RAW classes will utilize a wide variety of equipment, including but not limited to dumbbells, jump ropes, speed ropes, and free weights. As you move from one set of exercises to another, you will experience challenges to all body parts unlike any other class you have experienced. Your heart rate will be challenged as you will be in constant motion. Your muscles will be pushed to the limit and you strive for maximum strength training capacity.

  • We help you to focus your mind on correct posture and form so that each repetition and exercise is realizing complete and all-out benefit and no movements are wasted as you work to define lean muscles.
  • Your stamina and energy will improve dramatically within the first few sessions and you will see yourself pushing past the threshold you only just recently set.
  • Your confidence in what you can train your body to attain will soar to new heights and you will amaze yourself at how far you can really push yourself.

Our instructors guide a group of like-minded women through appropriate sets of exercises that result in a lifted, tighter seat and defined hamstrings, long, lean, and narrow thighs, a flattened abdomen and stronger core, firmer, elongated muscles, improved definition of chest, arm, and leg muscles. All the while, your heart rate will rise to the optimum metabolism torching levels to see results.

Join us at the next RAW session, meet some other amazing women such as yourself and experience the integration of approaches for maximum results, creating your ideal version of your body.