Soul Fitness has now launched our new Soul Theory group training program, which features Les Mills’ Grit training as well as kettlebells, TRX, HIIT and much more.

Les Mills Grit training has been scientifically proven to work effectively and quickly to burn fat, tone muscles, build strength, and help you reach your fitness goals. Through a series of high-intensity interval trainings (HIIT) that are directed at strength, plyometrics and cardio, you’ll be able to shift your metabolism into overdrive with just a 30 minute workout, burning those calories for hours after you’ve left the gym.

We incorporate Les Mills Grit training into Soul Theory to quickly improve your strength, tone and increase lean muscles, and help you reach your fitness goals. HIIT really works! The HIIT training involved in Les Mills’ Grit has been proven to enhance Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (the EPOC effect) that helps your body to continue burning calories for hours after you’ve finished your workout. Grit training also stimulates the production of growth hormones, which are the key to toning your body’s shape, and engaging your fast-twitch muscle fiber to maximize the effect of your workout.

Get in on Les Mills Grit series at Soul Fitness starting in February with our new Soul Theory program. Soul Theory is separate from membership, so you can get in on the classes you want without being a standard member of the gym.