Most people are going to say they want to get into shape in 2017, but most will give up by February. If you want to actually hit your goals this year, the key is to have the proper mindset.

1. Remember that the roadblocks are only in your head.

Exerts note that most roadblocks are not really grounded in reality. It’s all in your mind. There’s nothing physically stopping you from eating less and working out more. Realizing that there’s actually not a roadblock there often helps you focus on overcoming the purely mental barriers.

2. Focus on your goals in the present tense, not the future tense.

Don’t think of your goals as something you hope to do or something you plan to do. Think of them as something you already do. If you think of them as things you’re going to do, it’s far too easier to put them off until tomorrow, because you feel like you haven’t really failed. You’re still planning to follow through, just not yet. Thinking of them in the present means you start today.

3. Have specific goals.

If you can’t measure your goals, it’s easy to give up because you don’t feel like you’re making any headway check it out. Thinking “I want to lose some weight” is fine, but when are you happy? If you think “I am going to lose 20 pounds, losing two every week,” it’s easier to track your progress, feeling like you’re doing well, and stay focused on your own success.

4. Have a deadline.

Similarly, put a deadline into place. If you pick a date – like June 1st, if you’d like to be in the best shape of your life by the summer – then you’ll work hard to hit that deadline. It’s harder to give up because you know you only have so long.

5. Have someone else keep you accountable.

The best strategy is to have a workout buddy, someone who will hound you to go to the gym on those mornings when you really don’t want to go. But even social media can be very helpful. If you post your goals and progress online, you’re going to get positive feedback and develop a support network. Plus, this can create a mental edge because now everyone else knows what your goal is. You’ll work that much harder to reach that goal since everyone will know if you don’t.

Make this year the year that you really focus and follow through on your resolutions, getting into shape and creating a new you for 2017.

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