Most social settings have their own sets of rules and etiquette practices. The gym is no different. Certain actions could end up making others uncomfortable or even end up with the loss of your gym privileges. Some rules are common sense. Show up on time to group classes, don’t block someone else’s access to equipment and keep things in the right part of the gym. Other guidelines, like those below, need to be spelled out to ensure everyone enjoys their gym time.

Keep It Quiet

Yes, lifting those weights requires strength and focus. No, the people nearby do not want to hear you grunting and groaning to draw attention to your abilities. Similarly, don’t just drop the bar to the ground with a crash when you’re done. Keep things quiet as a way of respecting others around you.

Follow Common Social Rules

Is someone reading, watching a show on their tablet or wearing earbuds? These are all signs that that person wants to be left alone while exercising. Some people come to the gym to socialize, but others want to stay fit and get on with their day. Pay attention to cues, and don’t take refusals to chat personally. Also, stay off your phone. No one wants to hear half a conversation.

Don’t Offer Advice

Are you a professional trainer? If not, chances are that the other people in the gym don’t want your tips or advice. Unless you see someone doing something that could result in a serious injury, don’t correct someone else’s form or exercise habits.

Clean up After Yourself

Wipe down handles and seats before you get on a machine and after you’re done. No one wants to sit in your sweat. While you’re at it, put weights and other equipment back when you’re done with them.

Learn to Share Patiently

Don’t put signs or clothing on machines or benches to hold them for yourself. You’re either using it or you’re not. When you’re waiting for your turn, be patient. No one needs the distraction of foot tapping when they’re trying to get their burn on.