The summer may almost be over, but we still have some spectacular specials up our sleeves!

We’re mixing and matching a little bit, to offer almost 50% off your Soul Fitness membership AND membership in RAW (all women’s fitness classes) for just $149 per month for a one-year commitment! Normally valued at $280, this inclusive fitness package has everything you need to lose weight, increase strength, develop flexibility, and improve your overall health and well being over the next year.

In preparation for this exclusive promotion, we’ve renovated the Club to increase our available space, plus we have brought in brand new equipment and even added some new classes and additional class times to more be more flexible for your schedule. Fitness isn’t only about working out, so we will also be doing some in-depth nutrition seminars over the coming months.

Don’t miss this limited time opportunity to get full access to the gym, equipment and most of our classes, PLUS unlimited membership to RAW classes for one year for just $149/month! This is the best that Soul Fitness has to offer, and the steep discount will not be available long.

If you haven’t heard of RAW, it’s innovative fitness classes designed specifically and only for the female form. Ladies, this is the ideal class for weight loss and gaining lean muscle definition, while developing feminine strength. We supplement RAW classes with nutritional tips and ideas to make the most out of your workouts! And don’t just take it from us, here are some words that RAW women have to say about the program…

RAW is about becoming the best version of yourself and then discovering you can be even better. The healthier I become, the healthier my life becomes. Michele has created a unique and transformative program. Trust her, do what she says, and you will see results. Thank you, Michele!” – Mina S.

‘I can feel my body getting stronger’ is how I explained RAW to a friend this week. For over a year I have benefited from Michele’s knowledge and inspiration (aka butt kicking personal training) but I have always come a little short to meeting my goals. Even when I have given up on myself Michele did not give up on me. Now I am coming to class and like I said above am getting stronger. I’m also sleeping better, having more energy, making new friends, and gaining a fresh and healthy perspective on how to live life. Oh yeah and I’m losing weight and all that. My only “warning” is that if Michele adopts you, it’s for life.  So be ready for greatness.” – Jessica K.

RAW is a great class, designed for EVERYONE: walk-in, beginners to top conditioned athletes. I liked that you could work at your own pace. Felt supported and encouraged. I’ll be back for more pain next week.” – Stephanie P.

The year of RAW + Soul is a fantastic deal for anyone who loves Soul Fitness and wants to get into RAW shape, or for RAW wonder women who would like some mid-week gym time!

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