Although they originated in Russia in the 1700’s, kettlebells have seen a surge in popularity in recent years at gyms across the world. It is no wonder, due to the wide variety of workout benefits that result in the use of kettlebells. They develop power-endurance over an extended period, building strength and cardio-conditioning at the same time.

Kettlebell workouts differ from dumbbell and barbell workouts due to the center of gravity that extends from your grip by 6-8 inches. The swings and lifts utilized require you to use your whole body in large ranges of motion which develop movement based flexibility and good core functioning.

Choosing from a range of simple and effective exercises, proponents of kettlebell workouts will develop strength, power, cardio and muscle endurance, and a toned, lean body.

Make sure to get some basic kettlebell form tips from a certified trainer to keep proper form and avoid injuries. The following 6 exercises will build dynamic, total body strength and reduce your time in the gym:

  1. The Swing: This is considered one of the foundational and most powerful kettlebell movements as it utilizes, hip power, squats, low back, shoulder, full arms, and a high level of cardio to execute.
  2. Turkish Get-Up: This slow and deliberate exercise uses just about every major muscle group. You must focus to perform the specific sequence and transitions.
  3. The Clean: This explosive movement provides total body conditioning and strength as an essential movement.
  4. Goblet Squat: This fundamental exercise challenges not only your legs, but your core mobility as you engage your arms, shoulders, and core to execute it properly.
  5. The Strict Press: This is more than just a should press due to the need for your core and entire body to be engaged to perform it effectively.
  6. The Snatch: This is a physically demanding exercise that challenges full body power as you start in a low position and project the weight overhead. Explosive hip power

Master these 6 fundamental kettlebell exercises and you will soon be a kettlebell pro…as well as in amazing conditioning like you have never been before. Check out this 20-minute fat burning kettlebell workout for more ideas and tips.

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