TRX suspension training has been setting the fitness world on fire since the late 1990’s. Just in case you are not sure what it is all about, here is the skinny on what exactly is TRX training. This program was developed in the Navy Seals training program, and is currently used by all branches of the military. TRX is a suspension bodyweight program that utilizes a TRX suspension strap system to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and challenge your core. Multiple muscle groups are simultaneously challenged which provide the cardio workout as your heart rate is also elevated.

The inherent resistant training uses two12-foot nylon strapping with loops for your hands or feet. The exercises leverage your own body weight and gravity with compound functional movements for every major muscle group.

The beauty of the suspension trainer is the use of your body weight for a total body workout makes TRX completely customizable to your fitness level. You decide how much you will challenge yourself, so a class that consists of beginners and advanced proponents totally works.

Unlike machine-based strength training, TRX demands that you keep moving through a wide range of positions and angles, contributing to the cardio aspect to your workout.

The system is simple and can be set up just about anywhere and it is super portable, so it doesn’t take up much space. In addition to the simplicity of the equipment are the endless options of exercises and ways to mix up your workouts. For people who tend to get bored with workouts, the straps have limitless options for use and will keep your workouts always challenging and new. Trust me, you will never get bored with TRX.

Soul Fitness takes TRX up a few notches and has created a dynamic group TRX fitness class to challenge all fitness levels. We have designed a class that utilizes the TRX system, rowers, airdyne bikes, kettlebells, and dumbbells to motivate and challenge you to see the best results in a shorter period.

This class is a small group environment so that our instructors can coach you with your form and challenge you most effectively. Your classmates provide encouragement and a group support. You will develop core body strength, gain muscular and joint stability, keeping injuries at bay while seeing your fitness level improve.

Call us today or stop by to register and see your fitness take a whole new direction.

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